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Madhabkunda Waterfall


The highest waterfall of Bangladesh is the waterfall of Madhabkunda. The height of the Madhabkunda waterfall is 61m or 200 ft. The Madhabkunda waterfall in Sylhet is a famous tourist place in Sylhet Bangladesh for its natural beauty. The travelers coming from different parts of the world prefer visiting Madhabkunda waterfall. Nestled amidst the lush green mountains Madhabkunda makes for an ideal tourist destination. As a result of which the travelers pouring in from all the corners of the world come here to spend some time in absolute peace and tranquility. Madhabkunda has earned fame as the most charming tourist attractions in Sylhet tour. Waterfall of Madhabkunda You can go to Madhabkunda either from Sylhet if you go by road or from Kulaura if you go by train. From Kulaura rail station to Madhabkunda, it’s about one hour journey by microbus or minibus. The journey to Madhabkunda itself is exotic. On the way you can see the greenish beauty of the world’s biggest tea garden, the picturesque hills and the zigzag road through the hills will increase the joy of your journey. The journey to the Madhabkunda is an enthralling experience and it’s so exotic that one may go to Madhabkunda only for the journey of tourism in Sylhet.